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Drilling Fluids Heater System for Heating Drilling Fluids in a Constant Flow


Drilling Fluids Heater System

The innovative Drilling Fluids Heater System is utilized by extracting a drilling fluid stream from the flow line. Once the drilling fluid enters the Drilling Fluids Heater it is processed through a specialized grinding pump to reduce drill cuttings, lost circulation material (LCM) metal shavings, which may be found in the drilling fluid to reduce clogging or obstructions further downstream.

Once the drilling fluid passes through the grinding pump it is sent through a series of heater/heat exchangers to raise the drilling fluid to the desired temperature. Upon exiting the heater, the entrained solids particle size has been volumetrically reduced and the drilling fluid is at the desired temperature for your specific application.


This Patented Process (US Patent 6,779,606 B1) offers an innovative solution to enhance the stability of the well bore down hole for stability issues as well as a mechanical venue for loss circulation problems associated with deep water drilling activities. At flow rates of 1000-2000 GPM, the system is capable of treating drilling fluids with an inlet temperature of 60°F to an exit temperature of 140°F.

This process also offers a solution for use in the application of Gas Extraction for increased withdrawal capacity of heavy gases with pump flow rates of 3-5 GPM through the system at 40°F to 220°F. The demonstration unit shown was built for in-house testing to demonstrate fluid flows at 3 GPM, with the capability of heating drilling fluids from 60°F to 240° at a constant flow.

Note: Heating capabilities of the process are determined by average flow rates, mud weights, specific heat capacity, viscosity of drilling fluids, and entrained solids going into the system to determine specific operational parameters.

Drilling Fluids Heater System

Technical Specifications SI Units US Units
Manufacturer NRG Technical Solutions, Inc.
Performance Characteristics
Heater HQIDH Circulation Heater
Drilling Fluid Flow Rate 11.4 LPM 3 GPM
Physical Characteristics
Weight 1588 Kg 3500 lbs
Size 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.2 M 4.5 x 4.5 x 4 Ft.
Maceration Pump RPM 1750 RPM
Process connectors 3/4” to 1” NPT tubing
Temperature Characteristics
Inlet temperature Mud Fluid < 15.5° C < 60° F
Outlet temperature Mud Fluid into Gas Trap (adjustable) Max 115.6° C Max 240° F
Electrical Characteristics
Certification Class I, div 2, ATEX version: Zone 1, DNV 2.7-1